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Best Quran-hadith quotes and sayings

Best Quran-hadith quotes and sayings

The Holy Qur’an was sent by the Almighty Allah to the last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, for the guidance of mankind. Here we are given instructions on how to live a good life and later become a resident of Jannat. And the hadiths are those collected from the mouth of the Prophet. Because every prophet’s word was more valuable. And the greatest and last prophet is Hazrat Muhammad. Almighty Allah is the owner of all the universe, so He has sent us to the earth for His worship. But we are walking on the wrong path without worshiping him.

So there are many who want to listen to the best sayings of Quran Sharif and Hadith. So we thought about them today and made this post. For you, through our post, you can easily get the sayings and quotes from the Qur’an hadith. So let’s find out the best sayings and sayings in the light of the Qur’an hadith.

The best sayings of Quran-Hadith

Have you come to know about the best sayings of Quran Hadith then our today’s post is only for you. Because now I will present the best sayings of Quran-Hadith to you through my post. Which will motivate you to do better. Doing good deeds pleases Almighty Allah and only if He is pleased can we live in a good place after death.

So we should always do good deeds. Because the life of the world is only a mirage of happiness in the transitory world. Therefore, the life after death is eternal life, thinking about that life, we should do some deeds so that we can live in a good place in the hereafter. So let’s know about the best sayings of Quran and Hadith.

Hellfire will not touch two eyes; One is the eye that weeps in fear of Allah, and the second is the eye that watches over the path of Allah throughout the night.
—— Tirmidhi

He who sincerely desires martyrdom, is granted the dignity of martyrdom; Even though he died in his own bed.
—— Muslim

A person who is killed because of his wealth is a martyr.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

The reward of worshiping during Fitna is equivalent to migrating to Me.
—— Muslim

Spending morning and evening in the way of Allah is better than the world and everything in it.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

The night (nafal) prayer is two rak’ahs; When you fear dawn, pray one rak’ah witr.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

And pray and pay Zakat.
—— Baccarat: 43

A person who prays on the night of Shaba al-Qadr with faith and desire for reward, all his previous sins are forgiven.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

Their backs are separated from the bed and they finally call out to their provider with fear and anticipation.
—— Sajda: 16

And wake up in certain parts of the night and pray Tahajjud. This night awakening is a source of well-being for you.
—— Isra: 79

Whoever performs ablution on Friday, he has done a good and good deed. And the person who bathed did the best.
—— Abu Dawood

Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan out of faith and hoping for reward, his previous sins are forgiven.
—— Bukhari

So when the prayer is over, go your separate ways and seek the grace of Allah. – Juma’ah: 10
Make the last prayer of your night the Witr prayer.
—— Bukhari

O people! Pray in your homes. This is because it is better for people to pray in their homes without the obligatory prayer.
All prayers, especially; Perform the middle prayer with full care.
—— Baccarat: 238

And if they repent, perform the prayer and pay the zakat, then let them go.
—— Repentance: 05

Praying in congregation is twenty-seven times more beneficial than praying alone.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

Servants of Allah are those who tread lightly on the ground, and when ignorant people speak to them, send them away with salutations.
—— Furqan: 63

Give the glad tidings of full light to those who flock to the Masjid in the dark night, on the Day of Resurrection.
—— Abu Dawood

A person who shows respect for the signs of Allah is among the signs of his inherent piety.
—— Surah Hajjab: 32

Whoever goes to the Masjid in the morning and in the evening, Allah will provide hospitality in Paradise for him. It happens when he walks in the morning and evening.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

A person who misses Asr prayer, all his deeds are nullified.
—— Bukhari

Of course, prayer prevents from indecent and dishonest acts.
—— Unkabut: 45

When you hear the call to prayer, recite the words that the caller recites.
—— Bukhari and Muslim

A person who performs ablution well, his sins are swept away from his body. It even came out from under his fingernails.
—— Muslim

The best quotes of Quran and Hadith

Those of you who have come to know about the precious quotes of Quran-Hadith, stay with our post, we will highlight the precious quotes of Quran-Hadith through the post so far. From which you can benefit. And I hope you will try to live in that light. Because life comes after one death, you will not get life back. So do all the deeds to stay alive, you will see that you will get something good in the future. So let’s know about the precious quotes of Quran-Hadith.

  1. Who knows, and who does not know; Can they both be equal?
    —— Surah Jumar: 09
  2. Those among you who believe and those who have been given knowledge, Allah will exalt them.
    —— Surah Mujadallah
  3. He who fears Allah among His servants is one who has knowledge.
    —— Fatir
  4. Allah gives understanding in religious matters to the person whom He wishes to do well.
    —— Bukhari and Muslim
  5. O people of the nation! Give perfection in weight and measure and do not give people less than they deserve.
    —— Hud: 85
  6. He who goes out in search of knowledge stays in the path of Allah until he returns.
    —— Tirmidhi
  7. If a person is asked about religious knowledge, and he conceals it, he will be made to wear the bridle of fire on the Day of Resurrection.
    —— Abu Dawood
  8. If you give thanks, I will give you much more.
    —— Ibrahim: 07
  9. And their last words will be that all praise is due to Allah Rabbul Alameen.
    —— Surah Yunus: 10
  10. A person who calls to the right path will receive a reward equal to the reward of the followers of this path. There will be no shortage of reward for those people.
    —— Muslim
  11. And your Lord said, Dua to Me, I will answer your dua.
    —— Fatir: 60
  12. Almighty Allah says, “The dearest to Me among My servants is the one who breaks his fast.”
    —— Tirmidhi
  13. One who does not refrain from lying and acting accordingly; Let him leave his house, Allah has no need for it.
    —— Bukhari
  14. Whoever fasts Ramadan and then fasts the six days of Shawwal, it is as if he fasted the whole year.
    —— Muslim
    When you want to fast, fast on the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth.
    —— Tirmidhi
  15. A person who makes a fasting person break his fast will be entitled to the same reward. But it will not reduce the reward of the fasting person.
    – Tirmidhi
  16. Fight all of you with the polytheists as they all fight with you. And know that Allah is with the righteous.
    – Repentance: 36
  17. You must eat Sehri; Because Sehri is blessed.
    —— Bukhari
  18. As long as people break their fast, they will be in welfare.
    —— Bukhari

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